How to Increase DJI Phantom’s Flight Time By Over 50%

How to Increase DJI Phantom’s Flight Time By Over 50%

If you are a DJI Phantom buyer searching to access your flight time from the out-of-the-box 10-12 minutes, but don’t wish to absorb $679 on a Phantom 2 with the new high-capacity array pack, again I accept a few quick and simple mods that can extend your flight time. Note: If you accept the aboriginal Phantom P1 (pre 10/2013) again things will be a little tougher, but still doable. For the P1 v1.1.1 owners, things will be a bit easier. Let’s get started.

The aboriginal affair you charge to do is to actuate which Phantom 1 you have. The easiest way to acquaint is to attending at the motor’s threads. If they are all traveling clockwise, again you accept the aboriginal Phantom and you will charge to advancement two of the four motors, which is a $58 investment. First, let’s amount out which Phantom 1 that you have. All added Phantom 1 readers can skip to Modification #2 below.

Before aperture up your Phantom, I advance that you get to apperceive your motor layout. The motors are laid out numerically clockwise (see diagram). Motors amount 2 and 4 charge to be afflicted to DJI Spare Part No. 6 Motor (CW) or the motors with the atramentous tips. Once you abolish all the accouterments and accessible up your Phantom, you will see that the four motors are absorbed to the four ESCs. I advance removing the electrical access afore removing the four screws that authority in the motors. You will charge to unsolder these wires. Be actual accurate not to get any adhesive on any allocation of the ESC if removing or installing the new motors. After you alter the two motors, you can arouse the Phantom and move on to the next modification.

If you upgraded your Phantom 1 to add the two new motors, or if you own a Phantom v1.1.1, again you accept two clockwise motors and two counterclockwise motors. The next affair that you charge to acquirement is a bureaucracy of Phantom 2 Vision propellers ($38). These backdrop are self-tightening so you artlessly cilia them on in the adapted motor and hand-tighten them. There is no mistaking which motor they go on because they will alone cilia on one way.

Now that you accept the actual motors and backdrop the endure account to replace/upgrade is your flight battery. The Phantom comes with a 2200mAh LiPo battery. I swapped it out with a Giant Power 2S 2800mAh 11.1V 25C top achievement LiPo array ($32). This array will accord you added flight time with the aforementioned concrete admeasurement and weight.

Getting added flight time on your Phantom 1 actual simple to accomplish and you don’t crave any appropriate skills. The amount for the appropriate items will run you amid $70 and $130 depending on which Phantom you accept and whether or not you charge to advancement the motors. If all is said and done you can calmly apprehend and access in flight time of up to 54 percent.