How to Save Battery on iPhone 5

How to Save Battery on iPhone 5

The battery life of an iPhone5 is nothing short of embarrassing because of its wide screen and more digital features. The fact is out there and it is almost funny how blatantly Apple showed lack of care for this feature, what's even worse they don't even provide an option of having a spare battery. Instead they have a program called MFI (made for iphone), which means they are the rule maker to certify for any products that can fit Iphone5, like power bank charger(honestly, they are very useful for your travel on the go or out on business, or you can have one backup battery for your iphone5).

Later, Apple showed us some advices on how to extend your battery life. they are all just common sense,and you'll lose your temper when seeing those bagging tips, in other words, that's just bulk shit. And now we've collect and test some that is most useful. most tips simply instruct you to turn off anything and everything that you're not using at the moment.
We know there must be thousands more tiny helpful tips as to how to save your iPhone5 battery's life but we sifted through hundreds and narrowed it down to only the most effective.

Here are those helpful tips to extend your battery life:
1 Adjust brightness to lower dim level

2 Minimize use of third-party prgramms like games especially online games that usually will prevent the screen from dimming and other programms that require location services.

3 Try to get your email in a less frequent manner. like fetching them one hour or several hours per time rather than timely frequences.

4 Turn off your 3G, 4G services,GPS location services, push email functions, Wi-Fi network, and Bluetooth when you're not using them (actually for most of the time you can turn them off)

5 Turn off equalizer function when listening to your song play lists especially in a ramdom manner

6 Do Lock your Iphone5 when you're not using it in case that you accidentally turn on the screen. (Simply press the sleep/wake button)
The most strange tip we've seen is to make sure you keep the components in the lipo battery moving occasionally. this means you should go through at least one charge cycle each month so you have to run it down all the way dead at least one month a time. Everyone has heard the rumor that you should keep it charged to the max, but apparently, this is good for just a short while. Battery life has been one of the most popular iPhone complaints that users have And we hope users find these battery saving tips useful.